11 Buzzwords Of 2017, Also I’m Sorry For Saying The Term “Buzzwords”

Ratio’d, podfasters, nameflamers, and soy boys.


Ever discover on LinkedIn these nuggets of enterprise knowledge advised in a poem format? It’s the new pattern on LinkedIn (lol) and we’re calling them “broems”.


When Gayle King requested Ivanka Trump again in April how she would reply to individuals who mentioned she’s complicit in her father’s insurance policies, her unsatisfying reply turned a meme on the left. It unfold to explain those that had turned a blind eye to sexual harassment. Dictionary.com named it “phrase of the yr”, which itself is a part of a pattern of on-line dictionaries stunting to be well timed and woke on-line.




A nameflame, a time period coined by BuzzFeed News, is when somebody quote-tweets you, and you then change your show identify in a approach that insults them. Twitter might have modified its guidelines partially to cease this observe.



People who hearken to podcasts at alarmingly quick speeds, additionally as coined by BuzzFeed News.

AJ Mast for BuzzFeed News



A romper, however for him. A foul thought. (A wonderful idea.)


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