17 technologies that died in 2017

The circle of life applies as a lot to know-how because it does to dwelling issues, and so yearly brings a wave of previous merchandise and failed concepts that make manner for newer and higher ones.

This yr, we misplaced some once-iconic merchandise that misplaced their utility way back, together with some that most likely shouldn’t have existed in the primary place. Here’s a rundown of essentially the most notable know-how that died in 2017.

#1: AOL Instant Messenger


Once a fixture of early-aughts dorm rooms, AOL Instant Messenger logged off this month, taking with it a wealthy historical past of away messages, buddy lists, and cheery blooping noises. Executives blamed AIM’s demise on a “cultural shift” towards social networks like Facebook, and fashionable messaging companies like WhatsApp, however one might additionally argue that AOL blew its own opportunity to be part of that revolution. In any case, AIM’s destiny was sealed years in the past. At least now we are able to correctly mourn.

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