A better mammogram? Huge study putting 3-D scans to the test

WASHINGTON (AP) — A better mammogram? Increasingly girls are requested if they need a 3-D mammogram as a substitute of the common X-ray — and now U.S. well being officers are beginning an enormous study to inform if the newer, generally pricier selection actually improves screening for breast most cancers.
It’s the newest dilemma in a subject that already vexes girls with conflicting pointers on when to get checked: Starting at age 40, 45 or 50? Annually or each different 12 months?
The concern: Mammograms can save lives in the event that they catch aggressive breast cancers early. But in addition they can hurt via frequent false alarms and by recognizing tumors that develop so slowly they by no means would have posed a risk — overdiagnosis meaning some girls endure unneeded remedy.

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