MSI Trident V3 Arctic review: Looks like a console, runs like a high-end desktop

Smaller form-factor PCs usually go one in every of two methods: First, you’ll be able to prioritize the small a part of the equation. This leaves you with one thing superbly tiny, however at the price of future upgrades—space-saving comes with the caveat of proprietary and non-replaceable components. (See: Alienware Alpha.) Or you’ll be able to prioritize future upgrades, which generally means a bigger and fewer aesthetically pleasing machine.

The MSI Trident V3 is the uncommon machine that may do each—at the very least to some extent.

MSI Trident V3 vs. consoles

It actually is tiny. Scale could be robust to guage in pictures, however at 13.6 by 9.2 by 2.eight inches, the Trident is so small it’s onerous to imagine there’s a full-size PC inside. It’s smaller than my launch-version Xbox One for example, and fairly practically smaller than the brand new Xbox One X. (It’s smaller depth, however the Trident is about an inch longer and possibly half an inch taller.) The Trident sits comfortably in “console-sized” territory, in any case.

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