Titan V revealed: Nvidia's monstrous Volta GPU finally comes to PCs

Nvidia’s cutting-edge Volta GPU structure has finally come to desktops. Late Thursday evening, Nvidia launched the monstrous, golden Titan V, a $3,000 graphics card with 12GB of HBM2 reminiscence and over a thousand extra CUDA cores than the game-slaying Titan Xp. But this beast isn’t made for gaming—although it’d little doubt be excellent at it.

Instead, Nvidia says this card “transforms the PC into an AI supercomputer.” While the still-available Titan Xp was theoretically a compute card however higher suited as a best-in-class gaming card, the Titan V doubles down on information crunching. Nvidia is giving Titan V homeowners free entry to AI, deep-learning, and high-performance computing software program through the Nvidia GPU cloud, and to increase the ’s machine studying capabilities, the cardboard is provided with the identical “tensor cores” discovered within the Volta-packing Tesla V100 that launched in May.

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