Terms and Agreements

Terms and Agreements

Services provided based on plan selected

*Design and maintain Online Profile

Apart of package (Basic, Premium, Executive, Flat-Rate)

The client is of the opinion that Creamer Designs, LLC has the necessary qualifications to provide services to said client. Creamer Designs, LLC is agreeable to providing such services in acknowledgement to the terms of this agreement. Services will begin on the date of online enrollment of a successful credit card processing and agreement and will remain in full force until completion of the services on until 30 days after customer initiates cancellation process. Termination or Cancelation of services for new domain names must have had a life duration of 90 days or more for transference of ownership of domain name. In the event that either party wishes to terminate the agreement the party will be required to provide 30 days written/Email notice (must be from originating email address of account creator). If the client wishes to cancel prior to 90 days of service the remaining days will be charged to the client’s account and the website will remain active until the domain name is transferable to the client.

It is not the intention of Creamer Designs to hold created domain names once services are no longer requested by client, but in the event the account is left in a negative standing domain name will be held until account is brought current. Once account is current Creamer Designs, will have 5-7 days to transfer domain ownership to said client. Creamer Designs, LLC can is not responsible for uploading, transferring or confirming functionality of website to new hosting platform/service provider once ownership of domain name has been transferred to the client.
Confidentiality- refers to any data relating to the client whether business or personal, which would reasonably be considered to be the private property to the client and that is not generally known and where the release of the information could be reasonably expected to harm the client. Creamer Designs, LLC agrees not to release or divulge for any purpose not authorized by the client or required by law.

In providing the services under that agreement Creamer Designs, LLC is independent from the client and is not an employee. The client acknowledges this and does not create a partnership or joint venture between the parties and is exclusively for the services provided.

Creamer Designs, LLC agrees to create a fully functioning website for said client based on the client’s selected package. The client understands that the website is created at the rate at which the client provides required information for the website (About Us, Bio, Telephone numbers, email address, information about the clients company, etc…). Supplying this information is the sole responsibility of the client. It is the goal of Creamer Designs, LLC to create all websites and necessary documents within a 48 hour time frame only when all needed documents have been provided initially. The 48 hour completion goal does not go into effect until all documents are in the care of Creamer Designs, LLC. By signing up for service you agree that you understand all this information and have read our Refund Policy